Friday, December 11, 2009

I like being organised. In fact, I feel calm & in control when I am. Which is why days like today throw me.
I always make a double batch of whatever I'm baking. I can't help it. It always seems to me that if I'm going to the effort I may as well double it, freeze one batch then save me the trouble next time. But today I decided to be 'normal' and make a single batch of cupcakes for the party we were going to.
Then the phone rang & we were invited to another birthday party in the afternoon. This one we could only pop into on the way to ballet, so I didn't worry too much. But then there was this nagging in the back of my head: Miss 6 won't be able to eat the cake [she's coeliac so I always have to take gluten free food to parties for her]. So I've just finished baking a second set of IDENTICAL cupcakes to the ones I made this morning.
Instead of folding the washing, tidying up, wrapping gifts, spending time with my girls etc. etc. I have baked TWICE today.
Next time I'll just make a double batch.

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