Monday, October 4, 2010

Lunch bags

Here are the new lunch bags I've made for my girls over the last day or so. I used the tutorial here, but made a few changes [don't I always?]. I didn't use interfacing, but instead I used Insul-brite, as I wanted them insulated for our hot climate. I also swapped the bias loop for hat elastic, as I thought it would be easier for young fingers to hook onto a button. My last change was to make a handle so they're easier to carry. Miss 5 and Miss 7 picked their fabric and their buttons, and are both very excited to try them out tomorrow when school starts.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A funny photo

We've just come back from a week away at the beach and I just had to share this photo. Miss 5 is wearing her new skirt I posted about last week, and she decided [for a reason only known to her] that she would walk around with a paper bag on her head. That's right, her ever cautious mother did not request her to go incognito for this photo... I only took the photo because she looked so ridiculous, it's amazing it's not blurred as I was laughing a lot.


I needed to do something special with the girls to pass the time today as we are quarantined [with impetigo no less - that's school sores - but I prefer the medical name as it doesn't sound so gross] and Mr E is away at a conference. I picked up these really cute cake toppers at Aldi on Friday [yes gluten free - I always read labels!!] that were Australian animals. Today we made chocolate cupcakes [brown for dirt] with green icing [for grass] and stuck them on top. Very cute and the kids all thought they were very special. Cake toppers are a great way for the kids to do the decorating and having the cakes coming out looking very presentable. If only we were able to go out we could share them with someone...