Monday, October 4, 2010

Lunch bags

Here are the new lunch bags I've made for my girls over the last day or so. I used the tutorial here, but made a few changes [don't I always?]. I didn't use interfacing, but instead I used Insul-brite, as I wanted them insulated for our hot climate. I also swapped the bias loop for hat elastic, as I thought it would be easier for young fingers to hook onto a button. My last change was to make a handle so they're easier to carry. Miss 5 and Miss 7 picked their fabric and their buttons, and are both very excited to try them out tomorrow when school starts.


  1. So cute! I love the heart fabric. Where do you find Insul-brite? I think I'll be making some for next year...

  2. I have been reading about Insul-brite for ages and had priced buying it online, then I randomly asked in my local Spotlight recently and they stock it by the metre!!! If your local Spotlight doesn't have it let me know CraftyMummy and I'll post you some.