Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First post for 2010

I'm back!! We have survived the silly season & long-distance move. I am still trying to organise my craft room, but a good friend had a birthday on the weekend, & I wanted to make her something. She dances, is a school teacher, and has 3 kids so she is always having to carry stuff. A tote bag seemed the perfect gift.
It's bigger than it looks, the dimensions are around that of a supermarket 'green' bag. Lined with black fabric, & fully reversible. Found the bag in my new book: "One Yard Wonders". Now that I've given it to her I can post the photo. I hope it's useful to her.


  1. love it- fabric is fantastic

  2. Love it! Good to see you back in blogland - should that be "read you" ??