Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sewing fat quarter bags WITH the kids

Today Miss 7 and Miss 5 wanted to do some sewing. They both wanted to design, sew, and finish a dress in an hour. I talked them into a bag each. I let them search through my fat quarters and find a fabric they loved, and another for lining. Then I got them to draw what they wanted while I frantically drafted a pattern in my head and cut out the pieces. Miss 7 started sewing her seams while Miss 5 and I decided on her bag design. It was frantic, interspersed with Miss 0 having filled her nappy and Miss 3 asking if she could use my scissors, my machine, my tailor's chalk, pretty much everything in sight. Poor thing heard 'no' a lot.
I think they did a great job. The photo doesn't do them justice. Miss 5's bag is the blue one, it has a curved gusset and a snap close hidden behind the big button. Miss 7's bag is upside down [oops] it is a rectangular bag with a flap closure [you can't see the flap cause I didn't notice till now I'm a very poor photographer]. Both bags are fully lined. While they were in the shower I fixed up a couple of Miss 5's wonky seams so it sat straight and put her lining in. Miss 7 did all hers by herself [I just told her where to sew and I did all the ironing].
The best part is, they feel they succeeded as the whole project was finished the same day we began [unlike many of my sewing projects]. They are planning to take them to church tomorrow morning. I just hope tomorrow afternoon they don't ask to sew again... I'm exhausted!!

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