Friday, February 18, 2011


Almost another month has passed, and instead of blogging more, and crafting more, I've been organising for school and extra-curricular activities, picking out fittings for bathrooms, helping with homework [including some rather big kindy projects], downsizing into 1 bedroom and a rumpus room... very little crafting. I have taken up an adult dance class for fitness, started a ladies' bible study, and managed to juggle 4 kids and their activities for the first 4 weeks of a new school and kindy. I have felt overwhelmed, under-equiped and stressed for much of that time, which is normal for the beginning of a new year, but not ideal. The renovation-that-became-a-rebuild [as I like to call it now] is on the downhill run to being finished, and over the next 2 weeks I will have more rooms come online.

Mr E and I are still sleeping on the sofa bed in the rumpus room - even though we have a second bedroom finished now. It's a beautiful big bedroom with freshly painted walls, new carpet, big wardrobe, and and ensuite just next to it. It appears perfect and ready to be used. But we can't use it because the power hasn't been turned on to that part of the house yet. There are lights and fans, but no electricity to run them. It's a bit like how I've been surviving over the past month: I APPEARED ready for the new year, organised, and coping well [we only forgot show & tell once so far] but there was nothing powering me and keeping me refreshed. This week I plugged in MY power source: I started reading my bible every day. I am so much more refreshed, less overwhelmed, better equiped to cope, and I've remembered what really matters in this life. What a difference!

Now if only we can get the power turned on in that new bedroom!!

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