Sunday, July 10, 2011

Organising my laundry [or I am obsessed with my labeller]

I have been organising cupboards non-stop since the school holidays started. Getting things out of the shed and back into the house, finding things not seen for months [or longer]. One room that was really bothering me was my laundry. Since the renovation it is an amazing room, and should have been amazing to be in, but it has been our dumping ground since January! It took a day and a half, but now it's beautiful again.

It all started because my new washing machine was being delivered this week. I needed to make space for the delivery guys to be able to get it into the room. And I didn't want to be embarrassed when complete strangers came into this most horrible messy room in my home.

To reward myself for the hard work on clearing the bench and floor, I started to organise my cupboards too. I love to organise cupboards, it's one of those things that brings me joy [strange, I know]. But a cupboard isn't organised to me unless it's also labelled. Otherwise it doesn't stay that way. I sorted the linen cupboard [above and below]: The overhead cupboards:

And the cupboard under the bench and sink also contains baskets and labels:

The funny thing is, now I have a lovely laundry, I've caught up on my washing, and I'm motivated to keep up to date. Having a pleasant room makes it easier to do. I hope this is a turning point in my love-hate relationship with the washing.

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  1. love it...would you like to label mine too??

    it's organised but I've never labeled ............

    will need to come and see it in the flesh, but will pay attention to weather forecasts first ;-)