Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the decluttering bug has hit me

It started with the storeroom and hall cupboard.  Moved to the bathroom under-sink cupboards.  Now I've moved into my bedroom...

I was going to post a photo or two of my progress but decided that was just showing off.  Besides, the storeroom and hall cupboards aren't looking quite as good as they did a week ago...

I LOVE looking at a neat and tidy shelf or drawer!! I actually feel more relaxed.

I only wish they would stay that way.

It's a bit like our minds - they get cluttered up with all the stuff we're trying to remember, worries and stresses, lots of stuff that distracts us from what's really important in life.  God is waiting for us to declutter our minds, tidy them up, and fill them with His word.  That's the only way to keep our minds neat and tidy, our thoughts on what's important, and it's the BEST way to relax!

Do you like to declutter your cupboards?  How about your mind, is it in need of a declutter?  Have you read your bible lately? 

1 comment:

  1. Ooh thats a good application! I need to go do some decluttering right now instead of stepping round these stresses all the time! ;)