Thursday, May 27, 2010

cake decorating

For my birthday I received a cake decorating set - by that I mean a set of icing tips, 18 of them. So this afternoon I decided to try my hand at making cupcakes of various beautiful swirls, roses, etc.

I have not posted a picture here because I need to practise. A lot. And I've run out of icing. My girls thought the attempt at roses were "Great, Mummy. Can I eat that one now?" So the best ones got eaten before there was time to photograph. But I didn't want to take any photos. They looked awful. And no, I'm not being modest. They were truly bad.

I hate it when I have to practise new skills. I get so frustrated. A personality flaw I know, that results in me rarely trying new things, or becoming paralysed by my perfectionism. Something this blog was supposed to cure me of. The fact I haven't posted much at all in 2010 shows I'm not sewing/baking/quilting etc. very much due to this personality flaw. Hmmm.

I promise that next time I'm brave enough to practise my icing I'll post a picture...


  1. Thanks, CraftyMummy! Can you pm me about your 'gift'? I don't know what to do with it!!! I've been gone from blogland so long...