Sunday, August 7, 2011

A "quiet" couple of weeks

It has been quiet here on my blog for a little while again, I'm sorry about that. It's not been very quiet at home, hence the lack of computer time. Let's see, what have I been up to?
- baked 6 batches of brownies for a school fundraiser
- sewed 8 potato bags for raising potatoes
- continued to tidy, unpack and organise the sewing room
- baked cakes, muffins and slices for the family and bible study guests to consume
- helped Mr E build a papaya/banana garden out of the old trampoline frame
- sewed 2 eco shopping bags
- planted out my silverbeet seedlings, and sowed peas, spinach and sugar snap peas in the same garden
- collected, dried and planted an enormous number of paw paw seeds in the new papaya/banana garden
- planted out the new front hedge
- dealt with sick children... a lot...
Needless to say I sleep well at night!! Must try to post more often... keeps me accountable as I try not to blog a project until it's completed.

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