Monday, August 22, 2011


I made more laundry powder today. I had enough for one more load. That means that my first batch lasted for 40 days.

Someone asked me how economical it really was to make my own powder so I went through the maths just now to check. As I've had the ingredients in my cupboard for a while [thinking I'd need to make more weeks ago] I couldn't remember what it all cost so I just went on to the Coles Online website to get approximate prices. I'm pretty sure my ingredients cost me less at my local IGA so this is probably an overestimate:

Sard wondersoap $2.50
Homebrand Laundry soap $2.17/pack of 4 so $0.55 each
Borax $4.30/500g pack [I use 1 cup = half of this per batch] $2.15
Washing Soda $4.90/1kg pack [1 cup = 1/4 of this] $1.25

So the batch of washing powder cost me at most $6.45 [remember I paid less for these ingredients, online prices are often inflated].

I wash 1-2 loads every day. Sometimes more than that. My last batch of homemade powder cost me at most 16 cents per day.

I'm impressed with that. I've made another batch today, and I still have plenty of ingredients for another 2 lots in my laundry cupboard [I stocked up on Sard wonder soap when it was on special a while back]. Our clothes are clean and we aren't being exposed to unnecessary perfumes and irritating chemicals, all while saving some money. I suspect Mr E thinks I've become a bit of a hippie, but I can live with that :)

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