Friday, January 6, 2012

Garden update

This is our western fence.  Some months ago I planted tiny tubestock native myrtles down the fenceline.  I am hoping one day they will form a lovely aromatic hedge.  They have more than tripled in height, but it's slow going.  Apparently tubestock seem to be slow until about their 5th year, when they are more vigorous, and with a better root system than regular potted plants. 

Up one end are the lemon myrtles.  They are an Australian native myrtle with the highest levels of citrol in the leaves [even more than lemons].  I LOVE these plants, and intend to do lots of cooking with them... once they have enough leaves that I can safely harvest them without affecting their growth.

Up the far end of the hedge are aniseed myrtles.  They are another native that has an amazing aniseed aroma in the leaves.  Mr E wants to use it for cooking also.  I am not a big fan of aniseed so I may not sample those dishes!!

We wanted cinnamon myrtles for this hedge also, but were unable to source any tubestock.  I am hoping to source some plants for this middle section soon.  In the meantime I have planted some rosellas in their place [hibiscus sabdariffa].  They can be treated as an annual so I will pull them out after they 'fruit' and plant cinnamon myrtles in their place.  

It's going to be a lovely productive hedge.  I am really looking forward to my rosellas in a few months time, and eventually lemon & aniseed myrtle leaves for teas, icecreams and heaps of other dishes.

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