Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pin cushion bins

Many years ago I purchased a pattern on ebay for a pin cushion bin, as with a new baby didn't have the mental capacity in my sleep-deprived state to work out how to make one myself.

Since then I have made several - for my Quiltitis pals, for my sewing relatives, another for myself when mine was lost in the last move.  Several months ago my aunt and mum both mentioned that their pincushion bins were worn out.  I think they use theirs for scrapbooking [as a bin only] as well as for sewing and quilting.

These two were replacements for Mum and my aunt.  Mum's is pieced from charm squares that match her sewing room and decor.  I managed to finish them by Christmas... just.

At some stage I will have to make myself another one that matches my new sewing room.  Just another project to add to my 'To Do' list!

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