Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the roses are planted [and/or ordered]

Can you believe a rose can actually be as deep purple as this?  It is a rose called "big purple" and I am going to own it.  I have ordered it, and a number of other roses, from a Victorian rose grower and I should have my new bushes early next month.
I have spent the last two weekends planting rose bushes in my new rose garden.  I found most of the ones I've always wanted [and a few others I'd never heard of] at Big W and Bunnings.  I figure I must be a die-hard gardener now because I planted 10 rose bushes in the pouring rain last Saturday.  Of course being keen [or silly] doesn't guarantee they will survive.  I have read a lot, but I am still putting this gardening knowledge into practice.
I'm so excited to be getting my rose garden planted.  I have dreamed of having a rose garden for my whole life.  Both my grandmothers loved roses, and both had beautiful rose gardens in their front yards.  I used to love walking up and down, looking at the flowers, taking care around the thorns, smelling those with perfume and looking with wonder at the amazing colour variation you can get with roses.  Of course today the variety of colours available is far larger.  In fact I am not planting two of any variety of rose.  You can almost get a rose in every colour in the rainbow. 
If you haven't guessed, the rose is my favourite flower.  I think they are so very beautiful.

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