Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rice & lavender filled heat packs

I have just finished making up some new heat packs.  We seem to lose them with great regularity in our home.  Admittedly the last lot I made ended up keeping the baby chicks warm last winter [instead of using a heat lamp].
This time I used a soft towelling fabric, and made a variety of sizes and shapes.  They contain rice and dried lavender so should be lovely and aromatic while warming up our sore muscles/acting as hot water bottles in bed.

Have you ever made yourself rice or wheat packs?  They're super-easy, just sew the shape you're after and fill with rice or wheat.  You can add dried lavender, as I did.  Far cheaper than buying them, and you can make them as pretty as you like!!

I've always intended to make plain calico ones, and then make a pretty cover for them, so that if the cover gets dirty I can wash it [you can't wash them filled with rice/wheat].  But again I haven't done that this time... I always seem to be rushing to get some made up when myself or one of the family has muscular aches and pains, or another urgent need for a heat pack.  Just another incidence of my sewing things in a rush, last-minute!!

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