Monday, November 9, 2009


With my girls' ballet concert fast approaching I have been sewing costumes like crazy. Tonight I needed a break so I ran up this garment bag to carry the costumes to & from the concert. You don't need a pattern to make one of these at home, in fact all you need is a coat hanger.

You will need:
  • a hanger

  • tracing paper

  • fabric [I used just over 1 metre of 150cm wide fabric but the amount depends on the length you want your garment bag to be]

  • contrasting bias binding, either prepurchased [like I used] or make your own

  • a long zip [the exact length isn't critical as it depends how long you want to make your bag

What I did:

I traced the hanger onto a piece of paper to get the angle correct, then extended the angled sides 4 inches & then drew a straight line down to my desired length, about 30 inches [you can make this whatever length you like]. Round the corners if desired [trace around a saucer for a consistent curve].

Cut out two pieces of fabric from pattern and split one in half lengthwise [this will be the front].

Insert zip using your preferred method.

Turn over a scant hem at the top of each piece where the hanger hook will poke out.

Pin the front & back pieces WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Stitch a narrow seam around edge or just tack them together well.

Sew bias binding around outside edge.

You are done.


  1. Shelle, this is fantastic and very cute...for the longer dresses you could leave the bottom edge open to enable them to hang freely :)

  2. What a great idea, thanks! At the moment our costumes aren't that long [6 & 4 years old] but they'll only keep growing taller!