Friday, November 27, 2009

Things I've learnt making cards with children

Yesterday afternoon I decided to be spontaneous & get the girls to help me make cards for their teachers to say thanks for this year. This is what I learned:
  1. Be prepared ahead of time [don't spend the first 5-10 minutes gathering all your supplies together as the kids get bored & into mischief VERY fast!].
  2. If you are doing paper craft of some type, have the card cut ahead of time [see no. 1 for why].
  3. Don't try to get any of your own cards done at the same time, this will only lead to your frustration & them making a mess.
  4. Pray that the baby stays asleep so you have both hands free while making cards.
  5. Children like to 'complete' a project, so when you realise it's dinner time & you haven't started cooking & tell them to pack up cause we can always finish the cards at another time, expect a tantrum or 3.
  6. When your toddler is behaving like a monster, remember that it's dinner time & you haven't started cooking & therefore she's very hungry.
  7. Don't expect help to pack up without having to yell & scream at them [see no. 5 for why].
  8. Crafting really is fun & it's good for them to do this with you!! Just be prepared ahead of time...

You'd think I would have learned my lesson after the last time I scrapbooked with them! If you missed that, you can find it in my archives or here:

[I still need help with these hyperlinks - somebody please help me].

Now I still have to finish off the cards with them another day... wish me luck!!


  1. All sounds like fun... kind of! As for the hyperlink: when you're typing your blog post, there's a button at the top that looks kind of like a sideways figure 8. Highlight the word/s you want to have the link, then click that button. A box will pop up for you to type (or paste with a right mouse click) the URL into.

  2. Thanks CraftyMummy! I'll try that hyperlink thingy soon. Where would I be without your technical support?