Saturday, October 3, 2009

scrapbooking with children

I have been promising Misses 6 & 4 that we would do some scrapbooking together during these school holidays. Seeing as today was really the final day of the holidays, I thought I'd better make good on my promise & do some with them.

Can I just say that in my mind, when I plan to scrapbook with my children I see us all sitting calmly together, working at our own pace, enjoying each other's company, with me achieving heaps of my own pages & ooh-ing & ahh-ing at their beautiful work.

I remember now that in my head it is a fantasy.

Here is a snapshot of what happened:

ME: Okay, Miss 4, what colour would you like for your background?
Miss 4: Purple.
Miss 6: I want that too. No, I want blue, do you actually have any blue? [rummages through papers]
ME: How about this one? Miss 2, why are you screaming? No, Miss 4 was on that chair first how about you sit on this one?
Miss 4: This needs cutting.
ME: [looking panicked] Let me help you with that, darling. What colour do you want next?
Miss 4: Purple.
Miss 6: Mummy why won't this cut?
ME: Hang on, let me help Miss 4 & I'll help you. Look, Miss 2, here is a photo of you, do you like this pink paper to put it on?
Miss 2: Ooh, my favrit colour!!
ME: Miss 4 what colour would you like now? How about this one, Miss 6? Stick it on here, Miss 2. Oh dear I think Miss 0 has woken up...
Miss 4: Purple
Miss 6: I have an idea...
Miss 2: I want dat one!!
ME: Don't screw up your paper Miss 2, we're going to stick your photo onto it. Let's pick up Miss 0. Would you like some white stickers for your name, Miss 4?
Miss 4: No, I want purple. How do you spell 'Miss 4'?
Miss 6: Do you have blue letters? Actually I think I'll use red.
ME: Let's put your name on your page, Miss 2. Oooh, it's lovely, would you like to show Daddy? 'M...I...S...S'
Miss 2: Yes, where is Daddy?
Miss 4: What comes after 'I'?
ME: Downstairs I think. Here, Miss 6, try this. '...S...4'
Miss 2: [screaming] I not want Daddy see me.
ME: Do you need anything else on your page? Hang on, it's hard to do one-handed [holding Miss 0], here you are. Miss 2 why don't you want him to see your pretty page?
Miss 6: Where are the flower punches? Can you get me some glue?
Miss 4: Purple.

At this point I comtemplated having a large glass of wine...

Needless to say I didn't get any of my own scrapbooking done.

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  1. You are a brave and amazing woman! I don't think I would be even contemplating scrapbooking with 4 little ones. Can just imagine the scene from your run-down;-)