Saturday, October 17, 2009

pattern weights - tutorial

I completed these the night before going away. I love to sew, but the time taken to pin accurately the pattern to the fabric frustrates me. I'm hoping these will revolutionize my cutting out.

They're little pouches filled with rice in a couple of different sizes/shapes to suit different applications. I made mine out of corduroy scraps. The trick is don't over-fill them with rice or they aren't able to be moulded into position around necklines etc.

This is how it's done:
  1. Cut some rectangles of various sizes;
  2. Sew them up on 3 sides [right sides together]
  3. Turn them right way out & fill with rice [not too full]
  4. Fold raw edges inside pouch & machine stitch closed so no rice falls out

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