Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here is a photo of the Advent Calendar the girls & I made this afternoon. Today I was somewhat prepared, which is why I'm not so stressed out compared with yesterday's card effort. It also took much less time & less clean up, surprise, surprise!

I just used my large square punch, and punched out 24 squares of coordinating paper. Then the girls stuck them to a piece of 12x12 cardstock and decorated each square with a sticker or two.

I added the numbers [to ensure we got all 24 days as Miss 4 tends to miss number 17 when counting] and Miss 2 put the larger Christmas tree sticker on a 9x9 cm square of paper. We put it up on my Everyday Display [Creative Memories magnetic display board - you could use a frame or put it on the fridge or wherever].

Then I made a little envelope by folding a piece of paper in half & sticking down each side & pegged it up on the ribbon. That's to hold the squares that we'll stick over each day.

Now, you could use coloured paper squares, X's or you could have a creative husband like me who suggested we print a photo of the family, cut it up into squares, and use that to cover each day's square! As long as we get each piece of the photo in the correct spot, it's a great idea...

If you want to reuse your calendar each year, you could stick a small magnet to the back of each photo piece [or X, or coloured square] but I think I'll just use a bit of double-sided tape...

Here is a close up [well, sort-of]:

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