Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another attempt at cake decorating

Sunday night I made another batch of cupcakes and attempted to decorate them with buttercream. All I wanted to do was a large swirl on the top... but I was very disappointed with my attempt. Remembering my promise to show you my next attempt I took some photos.
After all swirls completed, I spread the swirls out cause I was unhappy with my swirls.
Then piped a mini swirl on top with a purchased flower to hide my untidy swirl ending.

In the end the photos make them look better than I thought they were in real life. Perhaps the cupcakes I see on the internet aren't as perfect as I thought. Or perhaps I'll keep practising...


  1. I think they look pretty good! Certainly good enough to eat ;)

  2. but unlike the ones you see in shops I bet they tasted good.

    Miss 5's choice of colour??

    I had a similar decoration at SATC 2 show on Wed- in aid of Op Smile, they put sprinkles on the non swirl bit- mix of pink and silver - very cute !

    nothing so fancy here at heathrow, tho' the Jaffa Cakes and Mini cheddars are so very brittish..