Friday, June 25, 2010

Recent sewing projects

Despite my family [and myself] having gastro during this month, I have managed to do some sewing lately. We had Under 8's day at school this week, to which the children come dressed up. Miss 3 wanted to go as Sleeping Beauty and this is her dress: Miss 5 wanted to be a Fairy Queen. She also wore white fairy wings and carried a wand:

Miss 7 chose Sleeping Beauty too. Actually, Miss 3 only decided on Sleeping Beauty when she heard that's what Miss 7 wanted to dress up as. I really enjoyed making the standing up collar. The back of this dress is laced with pink ribbon much like the front of the white fairy dress:
They looked beautiful on the girls, complete with tiaras. But I forgot to take a photo of them in the dresses. I had such fun sewing these dresses!

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