Friday, June 3, 2011


There are some crafts that I do with my kids that I think are significant, and then there are the ones that they ask to do again and again. The rainbow cake was one of those silly things we did one day to teach Miss 4 primary and secondary colours. The other day she asked to do it again, almost 12 months since the last time! So I got our our 6 bowls and food colouring and the usual wacky cake recipe, and we started with our three primary colours. Yet again Miss 4 was so surprised at the transformation of yellow and blue into green, and the other secondary colours. But by far her favourite part of this process is licking the bowl.Miss 1 thought it was pretty good too:
If you're going to do this at home here are few tips:

  1. 1/2 teaspoon of food colouring is TOO MUCH for each bowl of 1/2 cup cake batter - it won't cook properly and will send your kids cuckoo

  2. Put your children in old clothes and expect that it will take a day or two to get the food colouring out of your toddler's hair

  3. Start with red [or pink] and pour into the centre of the prepared cake tin, then continue on with the colours in order pouring each on top of the one before, they push the first ones aside. When you turn the cake out, put it on it's top and ice the base so when you cut it a true rainbow will appear

  4. I use plain white butter icing and tell everyone it's a 'cloud' cake, then they get a lovely surprise when it's cut

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  1. Hey Michelle,
    I have never made a rainbow cake but I'm sure my 11 year old, 9 and 6 year old would all absolutely love it! Who am I kidding? I would love it!