Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY mini greenhouse

In my attempt to become a 'real' gardener, I have been trying to raise my own seedlings. I've been struggling a little in these attempts, both because of the chickens, and the extreme temperature swings winter in sub-tropical Queensland brings [the last week has seen our daily range from 4-21 degrees Celcius]. Researching online it seemed that other gardeners use mini greenhouses. They are available to buy, but I was not prepared to pay for something I may not use successfully, and the cheap ones looked very flimsy.

I decided to make myself a mini-greenhouse. I found an old metal shelf in the shed we weren't using and set it up on the western side of the house. I thought in this position it would be sheltered enough from the wind and stay warm. But it wasn't temperature stable enough, and the wind was drying out my trays very quickly. So today I covered it with clear table plastic I purchased from Spotlight. I used electrical tape to attach it around the back and sides, then taped a separate piece for a front access flap.

I'm hoping this will improve my seed germination rate significantly. I guess I'll keep you posted as to my degree of success.

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