Friday, June 10, 2011

An Organised Pantry

Sometimes I wonder what I've been doing and why there's nothing to show for my time, nothing to blog about, and the house is just as disasterous as it was last week. I decided to sort out my pantry at the beginning of last month and I am proud to say it STILL looks good. This photo was taken after a month of maintaining it. I don't think I've ever maintained a tidy pantry for more than a week before.

But this time I went about it differently. I planned on paper WHERE everything would go [approximately] before I took anything off a shelf. It worked. I decided what my needs were [like breakfast cereals on the bottom shelf so the kids can get their own out; chocolate up high so only I can see it etc.] and planned around them first. My plan had a couple of blank spaces, but then as I sorted things I found I had forgotten about some items, or other things took up much more space than I thought they would.

I know what you're thinking: that woman has too much tupperware!!! I also have a lot of flours and other ingredients on my shelves no one has ever heard of [unless you regularly cook gluten free]. Years ago when I was struggling with how to manage a young child on a gluten free diet while keeping wheat products in the house for the others, I decided to colour-code my pantry and fridge. My dear friend CraftyMummy was a tupperware dealer back then and she helped me to organise it all. I've been buying tupperware since I first got married, she just helped me to add to my collection!!

Every time I wonder what I've been up to lately I open my beautiful pantry and remember I did this. Now I just need the motivation to reinvent a few other clutter holes [I mean cupboards].

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  1. It looks fantastic! Excellent work with keeping it maintained.. I'm hoping one day mine will be that organised! 8-)