Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Funky Ruffled Scarf - knitted

My MIL went to the textile show at the Brisbane Convention Centre last weekend and then came to visit us. She bought some new yarn called Funky Yarn while she was there for herself and me to try out. It is amazing - one ball does the entire scarf and I knitted it in just a few hours. And I'm NOT a knitter, so it must be easy. This is the very first knitted item I have blogged about because it's the first knitted thing I've made since I learned to knit as a kid. Six stitches on the needle, that's all.
The website that was on the information regarding this product looks to be still under construction so I'm unsure where to obtain more. I've emailed them and hope to have some more information about where to purchase it very soon. It's almost like a lacy mesh wound into a ball of yarn, very beautiful. I'm glad we've had some very cold weather for me to try out my new scarf!!

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