Monday, September 19, 2011


At the moment I am at war.  It's not pretty.  This morning I suffered my first injury.  But I'll be back tomorrow to continue my advance.

6 or 7 weeks ago I began the long journey to getting my front garden from work site to garden.  I planted 35 baby rose bushes with the intention of them becoming a hedge in a year or three.  Then we got sick.  I mean, all my girls and me.  Really sick.  Influenza.  It was unpleasant and has taken until now for us to all be over it.

During that time we have had a smidgen of rain, the roses got a bit of water from a hose if Mr E or I remembered, and it has become spring.  Beautiful, sunny warm days and the nights are warming up too. 

Being a pretend gardener [I'm VERY new to all this] I had thought I would come back and mulch my new babies in the school holidays which is now, and all would be well, no weeds, no problems.


I do not like weeds.   At all.

While I was pulling weeds and getting scratched by thorns and crawling around on all fours this morning a passing walker commented "I had no idea there were roses in there".

I have been out early attacking the weeds 3 mornings now.  I am not yet halfway.  This time I am mulching as I go.  On the up side, being outside in the garden between 5.30 and 6.30am is lovely, and a great opportunity to pray and think.

I have no doubt that the victory will be mine.  Hopefully soon.  Did I mention that I do not like weeds?

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  1. They will be beautiful when they are in bloom. Isn't it lovely that winter seems to have gone for good? The jacaranda's are just starting to bloom properly here. Bliss.