Saturday, May 26, 2012

edible front garden update

Here is the mango seedling we are hoping to plant in a few months' time.  Our dear friends grew it from a seed from their mango tree for us.  They also gave us a seed to try to grow, but so far it hasn't even sprouted.  We are not natural gardeners yet.

We also planted a few other plants lately, this is a tropical nectarine:

 This is a plum, I am not confident it will fruit here, as we are unlikely to have enough cool nights to set fruit. It is throwing out heaps of new growth, so at least it is happy.

These are two new tropical peach trees : an Anzac peach and a China flat. So far they seem happy with their new home.

Unlike the peach we put in recently, which grew a little, and now looks very sad:

We have also popped a cherry in, again we aren't confident it will fruit, but they are lovely looking trees, and it will be a feature near out letterbox we hope: 

Recently Miss 4 asked if these are carrots [growing on our chilli bush, no less!!].

 And the poor quince, is now a twig, dry and broken.  I'm not sure if it's worth trying again.  But I SO want to produce my own quince, so I can make my own quince paste!

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