Saturday, May 7, 2011


I bake. A lot. More than I probably would but because two of my girls are coeliac I have to. Just for our family of 6 and the two bible study groups we host, I have to bake a 2-3 things a week. Usually it's just my standard easy and quick things like fruit cake, brownies, a slice. Occasionally I bake WITH my kids, which always takes three times as long as you expect AND then there's the clean-up. It's enough to put me off baking at all!

One day recently Miss 3 wanted to bake but I didn't want the mess so we compromised and made giant freckes:

Just melted chocolate poured into patty papers, and then she sprinkled the 100's and 1000's over the top. Pop them in the fridge and eat them when set. Yes, it was messy as 100's and 1000's go everywhere, but it was fun, she could do it all, and the clean up was still minimal.

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