Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ages ago we bought this colorbond raised garden bed from Bunnings for the kids. We FINALLY put it together just before Easter, and the kids all helped to layer it with the required newspaper, manure, lucerne hay etc.

Mr E put in irrigation [we're hopeless at remembering to water plants, which is why nothing except natives have ever survived for us] then the kids chose a quadrant each and planted their area with seeds like rainbow chard, purple carrots, beans, and flowers.

In the photo above you'll see a plastic box sitting in the garden and one lonely plant:

This is a single strawberry plant that I popped in about 2 weeks ago when we realised there were no seeds left and there would be no harvest for the girls. The reason for the lack of seeds:

Now we use the plastic box to protect our one lonely plant whenever we let the chickens out. And Mr E is going to make a chicken wire screen or dome for the garden bed before we plant anything else in there!!

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  1. I'm loving seeing some blog posts, Shelle. Your garden looks great. I can understand the need for the watering system - that would be me too. Hope the strawberry plant survives ;o)