Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update on our Australian Native Garden

A year ago this week we planted an Australian native garden. Just the other day I was commenting to Mr E that I was frustrated at how little it has grown. We have had a VERY wet season [including flooding, though thankfully not our property] so it has not been the best time for growth, especially for natives like grevilleas that don't like wet feet.

So I thought I'd look back at last year's post where I uploaded photos of our garden when it was new. I was totally flabbergasted at the amount of growth that has taken place:

At the moment our 6-seater outdoor table is on the paved area so we can finish off the new patio near the house. So the back corner looks more cluttered. We also have a low wall in front of the garden to separate it from the turf [yes, we have grass instead of mud now as well - very exciting]. The wall is about 30cm high so that gives you an idea of scale. We have harvested lemon myrtle leaves and made tea, pancakes, shortbread, and added them to roast chicken. Totally delicious.

Ironically, the only plant we lost with all the water was our swamp lily which rotted away! We have added a couple of baby gymea lilies, a couple of aniseed myrtles, a couple of low-growing eucalypts, and another grevillea recently to fill in the gaps that were starting to become apparent. Perhaps it wasn't such a poor growing season after all?

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