Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today has been a lovely day. I have started to teach some of my friends to sew, and I spent the morning making tote bags with them. I actually had one made up and another in pieces when we began. I hadn't expected the girls to get beyond cutting out but fortunately I'd asked them to bring sewing machines as they all got sewing quite quickly. They did so well I had time to put together the second bag and cut out a third. I had intended to leave the butterfly bag and hearts bag in different stages of construction so I could demonstrate the next stages of construction at our next lesson, but I was having so much fun that when they left I quickly finished the bags off!!

There are already a myriad of tote bag tutorials on the internet so I'm not going to post mine here. It takes less than a metre of fabric [the remainder of the metre the girls needed is for our next project]. I guess my next sewing project will be to cut out ANOTHER tote and remain self-controlled enough to NOT FINISH IT so I can use it as a demo.

It's been great to get the machine out again... I've missed Bertha [yes, I named my machine]. Now if I can just get my sewing room furniture sorted, I'll be able to leave Bertha out and visit with her any time I please!

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  1. Good for you, Shelle. I have a feeling you're really a teacher at heart...