Thursday, February 23, 2012

He walks before me

In the busy weeks of the start of 2012 it has been difficult at times to 'be still'.  One thing is for sure, however:  God walks before me.

There have been numerous times when I have prayed, often in desperation, or worry for my sick child, or in panic.  Each time I have been answered, but not necessarily how I expected the answer to come.

Events that could have gone badly have not gone as 'bad' as they could have.  Circumstances and 'coincidences' have occurred so that the best outcomes could happen.  I have learnt more about trusting God, even when things seem to be going wrong.

I have been reminded again that every circumstance, every event, every person that I meet, all of this is forknown, prepared by God beforehand, part of his marvellous plan.

He walks before me.

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