Sunday, February 26, 2012

A purple nightie for a purple-loving princess

Miss 6 [soon to be 7] is a real princess.  With the exception of her school uniform, she rarely wears anything but dresses, and nighties to bed.  Shorts are too "boy-ish" in her words.

I am often making dresses and skirts for her [and the other girls] but I have always bought their PJ's.  But it is getting increasingly difficult to find modest and/or appropriate PJ's for my girls.  They're either covered in phrases or images I don't think are age-appropriate, or are styles too grown-up for a 6 year old.

So this week I ventured into the world of jersey and sewed my first ever nightie, and for the first time I sewed jersey.  This is actually a test, but because it is purple [her favourite colour] and it has a frill and it fits her, when she tried it on she decided not to take it off!

She has put an order in for another nightie, similar in style but adorned with a rainbow of frills.  I guess that means another trip to Spotlight is in order [Yay!]. 

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