Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How moving a pot saved me 10 minutes a day.

I rearranged one thing on my kitchen bench recently.  I moved the pot I put the chook scraps in to a different position - over my rubbish bin.  Until now, it was located near the back door, which was logical as it helped me to remember to feed them!!  However moving the scraps pot has made each mealtime cleanup MUCH more efficient.

When I'm clearing the kid's plates, I scrape the scraps into the chook bucket, put any rubbish in the bin, and then put the plates above the dishwasher.  Before this I used to walk across the kitchen to the door, put the scraps in, walk back to the bin, then stack the plates in/near the dishwasher.  The simple act of moving the scrap pot over the bin has saved me heaps of time as I'm not walking back and forth over and over and over.

I'm now on the lookout for other things that I can move or change slightly that will improve my efficiency around our home.  I'm especially on the lookout in my sewing room.  Can you see anything that has 'always been there' that you can move a little to improve how you do things at your place?

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