Sunday, February 5, 2012

multi-zip pencil cases

Have you seen those pencil cases made entirely from zips?  My daughters have, and they thought that this year they would like one.  But then they informed me that those pencil cases that their friends have aren't very useful, because each zip opens into the same big pocket.  They thought it would be far better if we made pencil cases with multiple zips, each opening into a separate pocket.

So I did.

If you want to make one yourself you will need a number of zips, all the same length, and fabric cut into strips the same length, each strip 1 inch longer than the last.

Place two zips right sides together, with the smallest fabric strip behind.  Stitch together with a very narrow seam [2mm or less] using your zipper foot.

Open out the top zip, place the next fabric strip behind, and the next zip on top.

Stitch again with a very narrow seam.  Keep on repeating with zips and increasingly larger strips of fabric.

Open out and press well.  Add a narrow strip to the front of the bottom zip, and a large piece of fabric to the top zip.

The bottoms of the fabric strips will not line up, they need to be trimmed to the same length. 

Make binding or use pre-purchased binding and add to both sides and base of pencil case.

You're done.

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  1. Wow! These look super cute and not too hard to make! Love them! Thanks for the tutorial!!!